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Noah Mundt Profile
Gilbert Chamber of Commerce identifies Mundt as a candidate who will best represent the business community's best interests.

Balancing ideology with pragmatism, Noah's business acumen guides him in finding resourceful solutions that benefit the community fiscally and operationally. He prioritizes the financial benefits of energy efficiency and optimizes spending to enhance the resilience of Gilbert's operations. While recognizing the importance of sustainability and carbon reduction, Noah believes local government should focus on practical solutions that positively impact the lives of all Gilbert residents.


Noah's passion for community engagement and his drive to make a difference are evident in his continued commitment to serving Gilbert and its residents.

Noah Mundt is a civic leader with over two decades of experience in the energy and
infrastructure sectors. He is dedicated to fostering resilient, vibrant, and sustainable

Currently serving as a Senior Engineer in the Electric Vehicle (EV) group at Salt River Project (SRP), Noah leads the utility's managed charging initiatives within the rapidly expanding electric vehicle domain. His collaborative approach is well-known, as he excels in orchestrating complex projects to optimize energy efficiency and infrastructure development. Leveraging advanced business analytics and systems engineering principles, Noah tackles challenges in energy and water resources management with precision and foresight.

In his role as Chairman of the Gilbert Planning Commission, Noah ensures that community needs are at the forefront of urban planning and development discussions. He fosters open discourse and teamwork among stakeholders, from residents and developers to businesses and government agencies. Noah's team-oriented leadership style is a testament to his commitment to inclusive decision-making and community-driven solutions.


  • Chairman of the Planning Commission (2022-2023)

  • Member of the Planning Commission (2018-2022)

  • Member, Flinn-Brown Fellowship through the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership (2023)

  • Phoenix Business Journal's "40 Under 40" (2018)

  • Board of the Municipal Property Corporation for Gilbert Water (oversaw the sale of $500 million in green bonds to fund local infrastructure)

  • Certificate in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program from Stanford University

  • Registered professional Civil Engineer in Arizona

  • MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  • Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Tech

Noah Mundt Side Profile
Noah Mundt with his family

Serving Our Community

Since 2010, Noah has been actively involved in the Gilbert community, frequently volunteering at his children's school events and supporting local businesses. As a dedicated family man and father of three, he is motivated to work on projects and support programs that positively impact the lives of everyone around him.

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